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2.01 - In a nutshell, how does the site work?

TradePlatform in essence is a free job referrals site. When a customer registers a job with us, the system creates quotation slots depending on the customer’s budget (minimum is 2, maximum is ...


2.02 - What are the different ways you send out job leads?

Tradesmen can choose to receive leads either by email or as a text message. Our email system is totally free to receive leads and to request the customer’s details. Our text messaging system ...


2.03 - How many tradesmen can secure details for a job?

The number of tradesmen that can request the details of a job is limited to the quotation slots created by the system (dependent on the job budget). Once these quotation slots are used up the job is closed ...


2.04 - How do I get the most out of my account?

As our system is an online directory, what you enter as a company directly impacts whether you show up in internet searches. 1)    Fill in the right information & ensure your email ...


2.05 - Fees & Charges – What will it cost me to be a member?

Membership is free. We don’t have any ongoing costs or hidden charges. We don’t charge you anything to receive our job leads (to mobiles or to your inbox). We only charge if you choose to ...


2.06 - The TradePlatform Loyalty Program - What is it?

Our Loyalty Program basically rewards you with free Job Credits if you refer a mate through your account and if that mate joins our database of tradesmen. These credits may be used to purchase job details ...


2.07 - Payments – Do I need to become a member of PayPal in order to purchase Job Credits?

Payments can be made by credit card without registering with PayPal. Look for the direct credit card payment method on the left of the screen when you are in the payment section. ...


2.08 - Logo Upload – How to get it right.

Resize your company logo by following these simple steps. To get the best results we advise against elongated designs. 1) We recommend using Pic Resize to get the best results. Go to 2) ...


2.09 - Password Reset – How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link in the sign in section. Enter the email address you registered with and click “send”. An email with a new ...


2.10 - No Job Leads – I’ve paid, but have yet to see anything come through my account. How does it benefit me to remain a member?

As with any business, we have some locations that see more jobs raised than others and some locations that seldom see any. It is for this reason we do not see it fair to charge our tradesmen members to ...

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